Universal Credit

These facts are correct as of the date shown below.

We have been asked if this is Fake News.
No, this not Fake News.

There is an important fact that needs to be shared.
From research, we believe and prove Universal Credit is not a benefit. As it is not a benefit, there will be changes made to it in the future. These changes will be detrimental to the people who claim it, and all people affected by changes to policies.

Universal Credit was introduced to replace 6 legacy benefits, these are:
Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA)
Income-based Employment Support Allowance (ESA)
Income Support
Working Tax Credit
Child Tax Credit
Housing Benefit

There are other existing benefits, which still exist. Some may be incorporated into Universal Credit.
All known benefits are stated on benefits page.
More information on Universal Credit is available on the Government Website

Universal Credit was introduced to replace the six benefits above.
The UK Government stated they introduced Universal Credit to make it simpler by combining six benefits into one. They stated it would provide savings so as to assist in the Government’s drive to cut public spending, now called austerity.

Whilst their statement and policy are admirable, the severe financial suffering of this generation is not something which should carry on.


There are other things about Universal Credit, which are being kept hidden.
The true facts about Universal Credit are explained by the following

Changes happened to the following two original benefits, which are now loans.

Student Finance initially was a benefit, but now is a loan.

Support for Mortgage Interest (SMI) was a benefit prior to April 2018 but is now loan.

Universal Credit is currently a benefit, but sometime in the near future will become a loan.

The plan as we believe it to be.

First and the easiest will be the unemployed, looking for work. The Government will sell this, the same as they did with SMI. An unemployed person will only be so for a short time and it is only right that they do not benefit financially, so any money they get whilst unemployed has to be recovered.
Second, will be those who are disabled but still able to work. The Government will say they can work, so should, and since they can work, once in employment they can pay back all the benefits they have been paid.
Third, all other Universal Credit benefits will become a loan. The government will sell this as being beneficial to the taxpayer.
Some may agree with this, but think what if it happened to you, would you not want a safety net.
There are also some people who cannot work, who are disabled through no fault of their own. Should they be left to starve and be homeless?
There are disabled people at the moment who took out mortgages before they became disabled and receive government support to pay their interest.
The Government has said the interest relief they will get will not only have interest added to it but when the house is sold or transferred to another person, the loan and all the interest will have to be paid. Some may also agree with this but this again is wrong. We have provided more detailed information on this, in our SMI page.

The details that have been revealed may or may not be true, however, are based on government policy both past and present.
Some have stated this is fake news, but you the reader have to decide what to believe. Whether we are right or wrong only time will tell.
If our news is wrong then it will be easy for the political parties to issue a statement stating state benefits will never be a loan, as we have requested below.
Would you, however, believe them? Look at the evidence, Student Finance and Support for Mortgage Interest, both now loans. It happened with these two benefits, would it be that impossible for further benefits will become loans?

What if you lose your job and have to claim Universal Credit

It has been stated that Universal Credit is designed to represent how people are paid by employers, i.e a month in arrears
Most employed people are indeed paid 1 month in arrears. So when a person leaves at the end of the month they are normally paid their month in arrears and the next month, the pay for the last month they worked.
An example, say person leaves July 31st, they get their month in the previous months pay.
August 1st they claim UC. There is a 5-week delay
(To be updated shortly)

We call on Her Majesties Government and Her Majesties Official Opposition to both make a statement in the house of commons that Universal Credit or any subsequent replacement benefit, will never become a loan.
As both the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Official Opposition spar against one another at Prime Minister’s Question (PMQ’s), 12 pm (mid-day) most Wednesdays when parliament is in session, it would be an ideal opportunity to prove us wrong. By making any statement that Universal Credit or any subsequent replacement benefit will never become a loan, this binds their party now and in the future. The answer has to be definitive, yes or no, not covered up with any political statements, or answers by any other ministers. People need assurance, and that comes from the leaders of the parties.

11th April 2018