BREXIT – Irish Border

Border between Ireland and Northern Ireland

The border between Northern Ireland, the Irish Free State (Republic of Ireland), which was formed in 1922, has been porous, with mostly free movement on both sides of the border.

The border was originally a contested boundary and its existence remains disputed in international law, as well as within the Irish Constitution. Based on this fact the border does not exist, despite the statements and requirements made by the EU.

Between the outbreak of the conflict in 1969 and the Anglo-Irish Agreement in 1985, UK authorities found it very difficult to police the Irish border. Checkpoints were costly to run. The border was over 300 miles in length, and remained vulnerable to attack by the IRA (Irish Republican Army), so complete border control was not possible. Due to the control of the border there were only a limited number of border stops and checks.

Even at the height of the conflict, there was still significant cross-border movement between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

After the creation of the Republic of Ireland in 1949, Irish citizens were placed in a special category by the UK as having legal rights to permanent residency and work without restriction. Citizens of Northern Ireland were granted the same rights in the Republic or Ireland

Due to the size and complecity of the border even if it was a condition that there was a hard border between the UK and Ireland, the control of the whole border would be impossible.

Both the UK and Ireland joined what is now the EU in 1973, 4 years after the start of the conflict.
At no point has the EU had any involvment in the conflict and the efforts of both the UK and Ireland to resolve the it.
As there has never been a border between two independent counties, to create one will seriously affect the Republic, due to trade barriers.
There can never be any circumstances where the UK is forced to enter into any customs or other agreement with the EU.


There has never been a border between the Republic of Ireland / Irish Free State and Northern Ireland

There are a number of remedies to the border issue, which one?

  1. Sweden(In the EU) and Norway have a cross-boarder deal. The deal was put in place prior to Sweden joining the EU. The EU cannot end the arrangements to the customs border, due to all the costs and bureaucracy involved.
    Russia and Belarus have an open border
    India and Nepal have an open border
  2. There are a number of countries who have a free trade, customs, and border agreements with other countries.
  3. There are technologies which exist that will allow digital border control for trade.

Trade between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland is independent of the EU.
Trade between the two countries has taken place since 1922, the year the free Irish State was created, which occured when Ireland split from the UK.
Trade between Norway and Sweden is independent of the EU.
Trade between the two countries has taken place since 1905, the year Norway gained independence from Sweden.

There is and has never been a requirement for a border between the
Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland