People are not your companies Personal Bank
RIP them OFF
TOTAL estimated PAYOUT, including PPI, will be over
£ 50000000000
£2 Trillion
Can your COMPANY afford to PAY some of this?
Banks, and Financial Institutions - Car Insurance, Abuse of Disabled People (Back Dated)
Banks, and Financial Institutions - Mortgage Fiction (Back Dated)
House Builders - Sub Standard Housing and Developments Life endangerment
NHBC - Failure to provide acceptable Insurance cover, supplied to the purchaser, by the
builder / developer Life endangerment
NHBC - Gaining significant financial benefit, from the builder/developer, to the financial deterrent of the purchaser. Life endangerment
Housing Management Companies/Agencies - Financial Fiction, Demanding money with menaces,
Life endangerment
£ 0
£ 0
£ 0
£ 0
£ 0
£ 0
£ 50000000000
800 Billion (UK £ sterling)

120 Billion (UK £ sterling)

22 Billion (UK £ sterling)
Over £50 Billion
has been paid out.
1.01 Trillion (UK £ sterling)

You have seen what happened with PPI, and the cost.
You may know; but if you do not, just look at the PPI page, that the first PPI court action was taken by me.
(L W Price -vs- TSB Bank Plc)
You will see the same happens with Car Insurance
There are plenty more scams, people will identify and post on this and other website blogs, for everyone to read, and others taking action.

Many of you will not be able to pay the refunds and compensation, so will cease trading. A compensation fund will be put in place; so that any company who ceases trading for the legitimate reason, they are unable to service the debt, there will be sufficient funds to settle this. It will be the responsibility of all remaining Banks and Financial Institutions, to ensure there is sufficient funds, for this to be carried out.


Some of you, may remove money from your failing company, for your own use. This scam is already known about and legislation will be put in place to prevent this. Any person doing such will be committing a criminal offence, so all assets will be seized, and they will receive a CUSTODIAL SENTENCE.
When you rip off your customers, you have to accept the consequences, as happened with PPI. The days of people in the UK and other countries being ripped off by companies, has ended. Companies can no longer avoid their responsibility using one sided sales contracts, agreements, and terms and conditions. It is standard practice that when a person purchases an item the seller “You” dictate the terms, which are to the detriment of the purchaser. If you want to continue trading, you need to stop this. You all rely on people purchasing the items you sell, so dictating terms, which are to the detriment of the purchaser, will no longer be acceptable. Your customers will post on this site, which has a recognised worldwide name. Everyone looking on this website, including your potential customers, will discover any terms, which are to their detriment, so avoid that company. Many other websites have duplicated this one, so this website will not be the only one