Government Speeches

The following are extracts from a speech made by Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the UK, to the Spring Conservative Party Forum 17th March 2018.
We have added our comments.

The rule of law. Freedom of speech. The toleration of dissenting and minority views. A free press. Fair and democratic elections. A thriving civil society.
These are the foundation stones of human freedom.

The Government believe in Freedom of Speech & Free Press

We want everyone to have the economic security of a good job, a decent wage, and a home to call their own.

They want everyone to have a good job, a decent wage and their own house.

We want people to have the personal security of a great National Health Service that is there for us when we need it.

They want a great National Health Service

And we are the Party of national security, backing our armed forces, our police, and our security services who protect us every day.

They state they back the armed forces, the police and security services, i.e (Action Fraud)

As well as for security, we stand for opportunity.

They state they want everyone to have opportunity

We back aspiration and ambition.

They state they want everyone to have aspirations and opportunity

We want everyone, from every background, to be able to go as far as their talents and hard work can take them.

They state they they want all to work hard to have a good life

We want every child to get the best start in life and for each generation to do better than the last.
A diverse education system, which allows every child to unlock his or her potential.

They want every child to be a success

And through security and opportunity, we want people to enjoy freedom and happiness in every aspect of their lives.

Hope for everyone in our country – people of every social background and race, of any religion and none, of women and men equally, of gay and straight, young and old.

They want everyone to have freedom and a happy life

The economic freedom to make your own choices, pursue your own dreams and enjoy the earned rewards of your efforts.

They believe in freedom of choice

And personal freedom too – freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of conscience.

They agree with freedom of speech, freedom of thought and freedom of conscience, all that is in the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR), so they cannot repeal the Human Rights Act 1998.

Security, opportunity, and freedom.

Offering security, opportunity, and freedom for all.

They want everyone to have opportunity and freedom

And they are values, which speak to everyone in our country.

Which seeks to unite the country and help everyone live better lives.

They say they speak for everyone in the country

And that is our key public services.

They support public services

A first class health service, there for all of us when we need it, with care based on clinical need and never the ability to pay.

Whether we truly respect the people who work in them.

But just like us, they want to serve the greater good.

And understand that people rely on them.

We use them. We rely on them. Many of us work in them

Not just teachers, doctors and police officers, but fire fighters, planning officers and social workers.

They dedicate their lives to helping their communities and serving the needs of others.

So that in the year of its seventieth anniversary, we will take the action to ensure the NHS is there for its hundredth birthday, free at the point of use, paid for out of general taxation.

They say they respect and care for NHS and Schools

We know how much we care about our vital public services, and we know we have a strong record of delivery in government.

Because while we know that public service takes many forms and is never a monopoly of the state…

Because our central motivation is public service.

…an approach rooted in the values of public service…

Delivering first class public services.

Because, for people to achieve their full potential, they also need high quality public services which only government has the power to guarantee.

But we also need to be honest about some of the challenges our public services face today.

…and engaging with the serious need to reform as well as invest in our public services…

And world-class public services which are there for us all.

They say they care for public services

That starts with the very first duty of government: the defence of the realm and upholding the rule of law.

The police budget is now protected, but after 2010, forces had to do more with less.

Criminals who are brought before our courts for serious offences are now more likely to go to prison, and more likely to stay there for longer.

And we will carry on giving our police the tools they need to fight crime and protect the public.

Last year we passed the Criminal Finances Act, giving law enforcement agencies the power to recover the proceeds of crime, tackle money laundering, and combat the financing of terrorism.

Facing up to social injustices, like racial and gender discrimination.

They care about the Police

And that’s why we as a government we have backed the NHS’s own plan, funded that plan, committed to further increases in our manifesto, and last year announced an additional £9 billion for health and social care.

And we’re investing £1.9 billion to support the National Cyber Security Strategy

For our schools, that means an extra £1.3 billion over the next two years, to maintain per-pupil funding in real terms.

They say they fund public services, but do they?

Delivering new Opportunity Areas to target additional resources to areas of the country struggling most with social mobility.

Caring about mental health as much as we do about physical health.

They say they care about mental health, but do they?

Building homes, while protecting the environment.

How much of our Green and Pleasent land has been built on?
In less than 100 years, there will be no Green and Pleasent land, just houses.

As we said we are apolitical.
The comments made relate to the Conservative Party, but as they are the government, this concerns to them.

We will add statements, speeches, and comments made by other political parties when they become known and are related to Government Policy.