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Everyone no matter what their circumstances deserve justice and a place to make them known.

This website is not only to highlight Mr P’s issues but also to assist with facts you may find useful.

The main reason this website was set up, is to make public the abuse and injustice received and currently being received by a recently disabled person (Mr P). The abuse and injustice he has and is receiving are from his now ex-wife, police, courts, ex-employer, other companies, it also includes people/organisations who should be looking after his interests.

As this site can or will help YOU, we ask that you read and publicise the matters Mr P has experienced. You can submit questions on the forum if you require more information. We also appreciate media coverage and are happy to provide statements and further information.

Mr P did contact a number of UK national media organisations, but despite assurances made, none were willing to make these matters public.

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