The February 2016 deal

Parliament MUST adhere to the majority decision of the people and

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The information on this page is too important to ignore.
It needs to be made public NOW!
You have a public duty

We have now been told that we have to suffer a in leaving the EU until 31st October 2019 (Halloween).
(Press release from the EU)
I wonder what scary costume May will wear when she says she is going to get yet another extension, how long will it be, 5 years?
This extensions is going to cost the UK over £20 billion.

A good use of tax-payer money, giving away yet more money.
Tax paid is to be spent to benefit
British citizens, in the UK, not others.

Would any MP give all they have to other people, (not close family) and starve?
I think not!
But that is what they do with all Tax Paid, let the British starve, so they can give away UK
tax-payer money to others.

It is time to take action

No one has the right to deny to the UK the DEMOCRATIC RIGHT to leave the EU on the date as specified. The government has denied the people the right to leave on 29 March 2019 so must take the UK out of the EU

We all need to work together to the benefit of the UK. We need all EU leave groups to provide us with information of their organisation, so we can publish it.
We need to plan public campaigns the UK to ensure the leave vote is
democratically upheld.
Any reader who is or has contacts with Brexit leave organisations, please let them know of The more we are together, the more power we hold.

The Government and Parliament state that the UK needs an extension to Article 50, so the UK leaving the EU can be delayed (If the UK will ever leave).
This being the case, the same applies for every election, local or general.
The election results on May 2nd 2019 must to be delayed until the people who lost can campaign for a second election and a revoke of the original vote.
PLEASE HELP with Brexit, it is to the benefit of this Great Nation.
Information can be sent to


11th April 2019. May announced the EU had agreed an extension to the date when the UK can leave, to 31st October 2019. The extension id dependant on the UK taking part in European elections, if the UK does not the leave date will be 1st June 2019. Hopefully the UK will not take part in the European elections so the UK leaves o 1st June 2019
9th April 2019. May stated that before 12th April 2019 a significant extension to the UK leave date will be required and will result in the UK having to take part in European Union elections. This tactic is being used as it is and always has been her plan that the UK should remain in the EU. She was granted permission by Parliament so has now asked the EU for such an extension.
The extension to 12th April 2019 has cost the UK
just under three quarters of £1 billion extra, (£715,384,615,384)
An extension to 2nd April 2019 will cost the UK about £2.8 billion extra, (£2,759,370,659,340)
8th April 2019. A Bill was by raised by Yvette Cooper, to make it law that the UK cannot leave the EU without a deal. The bill was passed and is now an act of Parliament. Another undemocratic action by an MP to prevent the UK from leaving the EU.
4th April 2019. The house of commons chamber was a total washout due to a significant amount of rain water leaking through the roof. It is believed the leak was deliberate to justify the need for the renovation of the Palace of Westminster. It is a fact that billions are given away to the EU every year, these billions could instead been spent on the renovations required to the Palace of Westminster, increases required by other Government departments, like the Department for Health and provide benefits to the UK population.
3rd April 2019. May had talks with Jeremy Corbyn; Labour Party, who is the leader of her Majesties Official opposition.
May made a solomn promise that the UK would leave the EU either without her deal; on 12th April 2019, or with her deal; 22nd May 2019. May has requested the EU to extend Article 50 (the date the UK, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar leave the EU) to 30th June 2019.   If approved the extension will result in a total of 93 days (3 months) addition to the date the UK and others should have left. It is likely that she will request a significant extension; possibly 5 years or open. Any extension passed 22nd May 2019 will result in the UK being required to take part in European elections. All those eligible to vote in the UK would need to vote for a MEP (Member of the European Parliament).  A 5 year extension will cost the UK over £100 billion, so her 5 year extension would not only be undemocratic but cost UK Taxpayers significantly and result in cuts in budgets of the police, NHS and others. With this 5 year extension costing over £100 billion, the UK will however receive less than £1 billion in financial benefit, so the true cost to the UK will still be over £100 billion.
1st April 2019. The Speaker of the House of Commons (John Bercow) decided to allow a motion submitted by Kenneth Clarke which was defeated on Friday 29th March 2019 (the Day the UK was supposed to be leaving the EU), to be voted on again. The motion was heard and defeated again on 1st April 2019. There were other motions presented on Brexit, these too were rejected.
There is a House of Commons rule where a motion cannot be put again, without a significant change*, but John Bercow ignored this.
Did John Bercow’s friendship with Kenneth Clarke change his mind?
He also allowed another defeated motion to be debated and voted on again; Common Market 2.0, which was also defeated.
Despite all the failures, a number of MPs want to combine some of the defeated motions into one in an attempt to get it approved.

MP, Kenneth Clarke is biased on other non EU counties and the UK, and has been very critical of them. He is always campaigning against Brexit and wants article 50 revoked. This shows he does not like or support the United Kingdom. It is about time he loses the party whip and is also deselected, maybe he would like to join Anna Soubry in The Independent Group political party. How can the Independent Group be for the EU, as being in the EU is not independent.


Some MP’s in Parliament want to hold a second referendum, as they believe there should be another vote in case people have changed their mind and also to vote on what Parliament does next.

A significant number of MPs want to ignore the referendum majority vote to leave and continue as a member of the European Union.
This would be a great disaster, undemocractic and not constitutionally permitted.
To ignore the majority would result in condemnation of the UK and EU by many other countries, which would result in sanctions being applied to both. Sanctions will seriously damage the economies of the UK and other 27 other member countries of the EU.
Due to sanctions most of the other 27 member countries of the EU would leave immediately without using the Article 50 process. 

MP’s and those who voted to remain, need to be reminded there were just two questions on the ballot paper.
Remain a member of the European Union
Leave the European Union

What do MP’s not understand?
Is it time they were replaced?

You decide

Let’s get the information on this site out there.
You can read the facts,
help everyone else read it.
Make this site public knowledge

There is another deal, which the most important task UK MPs have to do is urgently vote on it.
The February 2016 deal




MP’s voted 29th March 2019 (the day the UK should have left) to reject May’s deal, for the third time.
286 for 344 against, a majority against 58.
She was been able resubmit her deal as she separated the political declaration from the withdraw agreement.
The details of the political declaration is however contained in the withdraw agreement.
A vote on extending the UK exit date was made at 9pm, 27th April 2019. MP’s voted to extend the leave date, the result being 411 to extend and 105 to not extend, a majority of 336. This passes an SI (Statutory Instrument) which will extend the EU leave date to 12th April 2019, if May’s deal* is represented a fourth time for a vote, and rejected, or 22nd May 2019 if her deal is passed. May’s deal is likely to be passed, as most MP’s are likely to succump to her’s and the EU’s blackmail

May has stated if her deal* is approved she will resign as Prime Minister. Her statement is another form of blackmail.

It has been confirmed to MP’s that despite statements which have been made, irrespective of a deal or no deal exit result, there will be no border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, so a backstop is and has never been required.
MP’s now need to also realise that a transition period is and has never been required.

The SNP (Scottish National Party) forget Scotland is part of the UK, and the Scotland voted to remain in 2014. The want to revoke article 50, which they cannot do, and have failed to do so. They want another referendum for the people in Scotland to vote on, to seek the SNP’s aim to make Scotland independent and no loger part of the UK.


c) Vote for a significant extension to the leave date. Any significant extension would result in the UK having to take part in the European Union election, so there would a requirement for the UK to vote to elect MEPs (Members of the European Parliament).
Any extension would increase the amount of money the UK would have to pay to the EU by the following estimated amounts:
Extension until 12th April 2019, just under three quarters of £1 billion extra, (£715,384,615,384)
Extension until 22nd May 2019, about £2.8 billion extra, (£2,759,370,659,340)
The EU will not apply the reduction / rebate to the amount due for the extensions.
The extensions have been voted on and passed
d) Have a second referendum. A second referendum would also be undemocractic and not constitutionally permitted.
To ignore the majority would result in condemnation of the UK and EU by many other countries, which would result in sanctions being applied to both. Sanctions will seriously damage the economies of the UK and other 27 other member countries of the EU.
MP’s have voted to reject this.
e) Custom Union
UK-wide customs union with the EU’ which would prevent the country being able to strike its own trade deals.
MP’s have voted to reject this.

f) No Deal
A preferred option. The Government would have to stop all efforts to secure its deal and drop May’s deal.
Not voted on.
g) Common Market 2.0
UK would remain a member of the European Free Trade Association and European Economic Area.
The UK would become a third party member of the EU
MP’s have voted to reject this.
h) Single Market
The UK will trade with the EU in the same way as Norway and Switzerland.
Not voted on

Irrespective of the revised leave dates,
if May’s deal is rejected she will extend and continue to extend the UK leave date, until her deal is accepted

May made a public statement in number 10 Downing Street, at 8.41pm 20th March 2019. Her statement contained significant inaccuracies as it was designed to mislead the public into thinking she was acting in their best interest, and that leaving the EU was her goal.
Most MPs do not want to leave the EU. They wanted the extension, so that it now gives them time to make up another disastous deal, which would stop the UK leaving.
For MPs to agree to her deal, or make changes to howthe UK leaves will be a great disaster for this Great Nation.

* May’s deal cannot be resubmitted for a vote again unless it is significantly changed.
Parliamentary practice is govered by what is commonly know as Erkine May or simply May
It is known to be the official guide on the correct parliamentary practice. The guide was created by Thomas Erskine May in 1844, who in 1870 became the Clerk to the House of Commons. The full title of the guide is “A treatise on the law, privileges, proceedings and usage of Parliament”
(Some books and records state he was clerk to the House of Common in 1844, but this is incorrect.)
May could request the Queen to prorogue (dissolution) of Parliament. A prorogue of Parliament will end the current session of Parliament and a new one commenced. With a new session, she would be able to preant her deal again. When Parliament is prorougued all outstanding  legislation not yet passed will be cancelled. If the legislation was required it would need to be submitted again and start from the initial stage.
May’s deal has already been voted on and rejected twice.
The first vote was 432 against and 202 for, so was rejected by 230 votes. Losing by 230 votes is the biggest Government defeat in history. Despite this defeat May remains Prime Minister. Is passed massive defeats the Prime Minister has always resigned, why does May feel she is different?
The second vote was 391 against and 242 for, so was rejected by 149 votes, yet another large defeat, but still no resignation.
The third vote was 344 against and 286 for, so was rejected by 58 votes, but still no resignation. She is also highly likely to resubmit it again, for a vote.
The third defeat is the 24th defeat May has suffered, since the General Election in 2017, the most any UK Prime Minister has had in that short space of time.

The of House of Commons speaker (John Bercow) has decided this parliamentary practice does not apply to Kenneth Clarke.

Rumour had surfaced that May was going to call a general election, but this will now not be the case.
She has been told if she attempts to, she will be removed as Party leader of the Conservatives, so could no longer be Prime Minister. This would mean a new resident at number 10 (Prime Minister) and a number of changes to the Cabinet.
Due to the statement she made 20th March 2019, she has upset quite a few MPs, including those in her party.
The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn has demanded a general election.

Her latest tactic is to offer the DUP (Democratice Unionist Party) more money to support her deal, which they have so far refused. Offering the DUP our money is a repeat of a tactic she has used before.
When May discovered she had lost her majority in Parliament she made a deal with the DUP which cost us £1billion, which she gave to Ireland, so that the DUP would support her.
Is this not an abuse of power and public funds?
To get her deal, how much is she going to offer now, over £1billion?
She will spend as much of our money and make promises as required to any MP, so that they agree to vote for her deal. She lost by 149 votes the second time, so she could spend billions of our money in order to get her deal accepted.

Who benefits from May’s deal?

Herself and the EU

Why is May trying to get MPs to vote for her deal and what happens if they do?

Her deal is to the benefit of the EU
It will keep the UK in the EU

Part of a speech to the European Parliament made by EU President Jean-Claude Juncker on 28th June 2016, only four days after the referendum.

“But of course we must realise, as a matter of common sense, that we have to establish and develop a new relationship with Great Britain.
What this new relationship will look like will depend not only on the as yet unknown negotiating stance of the British negotiators; it also depends on us.”
“It is we who set the agenda, not those who want to leave the European Union.”

What does it cost the UK to be in the EU?
What it cost the UK in 2017

As is know in 1984 the late Margaret Thatcher obtained from the EU a 66% reduction (rebate) in what the UK pays each year, but what has happened to this 66% reduction (rebate)?
In 2000, the then Prime Minister agreed with the EU to renegotiate the UK’s reduction (rebate). The reduction (rebate) was reduced to 30%. The following table reveals the additional cost to the UK in 2017. The total additional cost to the UK since 2000 is estimated to be nearly £100 Billion.

Being and staying in the EU, what happens to the UK in the future (within 10 years)

There is a deal, which is right for the UK and was drawn up by the UK, it is in our best interests and not that of the EU

The deal, which must be put to MPs and voted on, is one drawn up February 2016.


Does not everyone have the right to know the facts.
Get the media to report on the facts revealed by this website.
You will be helping our Great Nation

To all reading this.
If you are not an MP, make sure your MP knows about this, and urgently tell them.
If you or your MP voted remain, still read this.

As an MP you need to seriously think about what you agree to, concerning our Great Nation leaving or staying in the European Union.

Remember, the fate of this Great Nation is in your hands.

The countries which make up this Great Nation have for thousands of years fought alone or side by side to protect their country, this nation and people.
Is the suffering and death of millions of people of this Great Nation over the centuries all in vain, and can be disregarded just to surrender to the will and wishes of the few.
You are all MPs of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and your duty is this Great Nation, no other. This applies to Scottish MPs as you too are part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

What was sacrified by the British People to keep this Great Nation independent

Who was the main enemy? Germany
Who was the main enemy? Germany

Who is the main enemy? Germany



February 2016 a better exit deal

The February 2016 deal has no backstop or transistion period as neither were or are required.
The UK Government choose to ignore and reveal it. They act as if the deal does not and has never existed.

February 2016 Deal

It was agreed that a European Exit deal was required for what at the time was thought to be the highly unlikely referendum result would be to leave. A group was formed to draft a deal which would be in the UK’s best interests and would ensure a managed break away from the European Union.
In the deal there was and is no transition period or backstop, as these were not and are not necessary.
The result of the deal would be as if the UK had never joined.
The wording and the contents of the deal would have made it impossible for the European Union not to accept it.
Why has no one been told of this deal; a deal which was created four months before the referendum, so over three years ago.
Had this deal been put in place immediately after the referendum result, the UK would have already left, and would not be in the current disaster.

Who does not know about this deal!

MPs (including your MP)

Civil Servants and those who work in and for the Government.
The Media

Who knows this deal exists and its contents

The current Prime Minister (voted to stay in the European Union)
Some MP’s (might be yours), we know of one.
Some Lords
Some Civil Servants and some of those who work in and for the Government.
Some in the media


The current deal is over 600 pages in length, will despite what has and is being stated will keep the UK in the European Union. This is the very deal the current Prime Minister is trying to force other MP’s to accept.

The current prime minister has given MPs two choices, vote for her deal or the UK will not leave.
What do they choose? What would you choose?
1. Vote for her deal and stay in the European Union.
2. Reject her deal and stay in the European Union.

Why is the current deal the current prime minister is trying to force MPs to agree to, over 600 pages in length?
Bigger is better as it makes it easier is to hide things you do not want people to see. How many people are going to read through a 600 page document? Not many.

What has and will the current Prime Minister do to enforce her will on the British public. (Is the UK a democracy or dictatorship?)

What happens if you speak out, (Freedom of Expression no longer exists in the UK)

The things the current Prime Minister does to stop people speaking out will be added later, but at the moment the state of this Great Nation is at stake, and more important than exposing more dirty tactics and tricks (abuse of office) being carried out by MPs.

Our Great Nation has to leave the European Union, which is what the majority voted for.

There is nothing anyone, including the Prime Minister, MPs, Lords, Judges or others can do to prevent us leaving.

We are a sovereignty. Our head of state is her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The reigning monarch has a duty to safeguard and ensure the majority will of the people is respected and carried out.
The majority will of the people was to leave the European Union, and that is what will and has to happen.

Before MPs, Lords, Judges or some other public servants can take up their office, they have to make the following solemn oath

I (the person’s name) do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, her heirs and successors, according to law.

If at any point after taking the oath, they break it, they have demonstrated “no loyalty to the crown” so are guilty of treason.
There is a legal requirement that any MP (including the Prime Minister), Lords, Judges, or other public servants who has breached the oath is removed immediately from office, and is barred for life.

To all reading these pages, the fate of this Great Nation may also rest in your hands.
Help get the details of these Brexit pages, and what is on them, to everyone, including the media.

Any non vulgar comments, help on the format of this page, or other information, can be emailed to

Comments or additional information received, may be added to this page

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