Are you a company, who helped people claim their PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) compensation.
If you are, there are more unethical business practices, which people need your help to obtain compensation for.
For PPI you make 10% of the amount refunded £5 billion.
Taking action, based on 10%, will make you over £200 billion, the result of this will be an increase in employment.
This site is also looking for others, to publicise this site, and use some of the details, to inform more people.
For far too long, the terms and conditions you (the consumer),
have to agree to, when you buy from companies, which your purchases fund,
are in their favour, and not yours.
This website highlights Banks and financial institutions (including Insurance companies).
It also involves, large house builders/developers, NHBC, and housing development maintenance companies,
whose practices cause financial loss to you (the consumer), as was the case with PPI.
As this website will have a direct impact, on them, they are warned, giving them the opportunity to change.
How much will this renewed action, cost them? They will give the excuse, it will lead to massive redundancies.
The companies who change their practices, in favour of you (the consumer), will increase their trade.
PPI is currently over £50 billion, the new actions will be significantly more.
Is this fair?
Why should you line the pockets of people, who rip you off. This needs to stop.
If you were burgled and caught the person,
would you give them more money, then let them go?
Total estimated money you (the consumer), has been ripped off by, will be over
£2 Trillion
£ 50000000000
These are the ones, so far discovered, and the money they have ripped you off by.
There are many more.
They are also responsible for contributing to
This website will highlight the unethical business practices (deliberate deception), which as with PPI carried out again, by Banks and other financial institutions.
Thanks goes to the following two individuals, who have helped in revealing this
Ana Botin, Executive Chairman of Santander Group
Richard Hall, Senior Complaints Manager, Executive Communications, Customer Solutions, Santander UK PLC
Assistance has also been provided by most Car Insurance providers.